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Great Wyrm

A fully on-chain fantasy text-based RPG where
you create history and lore with your actions.

What is great wyrm?

Great Wyrm is a fully on-chain fantasy RPG teeming with dwarves, elves, and dragons. The story begins in the Kingdom of Reda, where political tension erupts into chaos as the discovery of a dragon egg–wait, dragons are real??–brings magic to a bleak and non-magical world.

In Great Wyrm’s first act, players explore Reda and its neighboring lands, battle ravenous beasts, and forge alliances with monarchs, usurpers, rebels, and guilds. As they play, they  accrue in-world assets, such as experience, influence, items, and favor, that allow them to develop their characters and increase their riches.

The story so far...

In the first-ever Great Wyrm adventure, “The Discovery,” a small band of treasure hunters braved the darkness of Kalash’s copper mines and found something that will change their world forever: a dragon egg, left slumbering in the shadows for centuries.

There has never been magic in the muddy alleys of Kalash before.

Whether this wyrmling means hope or destruction for the Kingdom of Reda, right now its fate is in the hands of a few unlikely heroes–and in yours!

Start your adventure

How do you start playing?


Think of a character you want to play — their backstory and image. Or skip and proceed to step 2.


Join our Discord. Introduce your character or request a premade one. We’ll give you a character token.


Look out for announcements about game sessions on Discord.


Role play as your character.


Choose your path in Garden of Forking Paths.


Gain rewards as you play.


Economy and politics

We are building a full-fledged on-chain economy and several game modes to support it.

Great Wyrm is a highly political game. You can enjoy influencing the game’s world by both adventuring and making political decisions.

The main action is set in the Kingdom of Reda. It’s ruled over by Queen Seraphima, who has just come of age. Until her majority, the kingdom was ruled by her regent and uncle, Duke Forobor. You can chose to support either one of them.

Currently, plotlines are unfolding in two places within the kingdom: the capital city of Heelis, and the mining town of Kalash.


Types of games

Long sessions are longer RPG campaigns. The stories tie into the ongoing plotline of Great Wyrm. An example of a finished full-length session: The Discovery

Short sessions are games built around a single decision. Examples of this are the Reda Games, the Garden of Forking Paths, upcoming boss fights, and other game modes that are currently in the works. We often use them to test new mechanics and types of gameplay.

You can join these sessions through Discord and you’ll be able to create your own sessions in the future.

Join the Great Wyrm community to start the world building and be the first to play

The game is now in early access. You can start creating your own content, making your own characters, forming alliances, or apply to be a Game Master.

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